How to choose a comb correctly

No one will argue that the comb is an instrument necessary for every person. There are different types of similar devices, including ridges and brushes.

In the days of our great-grandmothers, the material for combs and combs was a tree, and also made of horns.

Currently, combs are made from plastic, ebonite and metal. There are bone combs. As for the metal tools, they tear their hair and provoke the appearance of split ends. Use them with care and only in case of emergency.

Plastic combs are perhaps the most common, heat-resistant and well washed. However, experts believe that the most useful hairbrushes are wooden. And each kind of tree, which served as material for the instrument, informs him and additional properties. Comb, made of oak, invigorates, and birch gives activity, improves well-being.

In general, the hairbrush should not be very long, with teeth of normal length. The latter should be well-treated, not sharp, so as not to injure the scalp. Choose the comb that is comfortable to hold in your hands. There are combined combs, in which one half has rare teeth, and often located denticles of the other half help comb out dandruff.

The comb is a small object of everyday life, but it is capable of spoiling the mood. There is a version that this usual tool, but not suitable for its owner, can cause headaches, fears, insomnia. But the "own" comb removes these symptoms. After all, apart from getting rid of hair from confusion, smoothing, styling, comb produces a head massage. And this is a medical procedure that improves well-being and mood.

For individual operations there are specially designed combs. For example, there is a hairbrush for combing hair, which has short teeth interspersed with long ones. For combing wet hair, it is better to use a comb with sparse teeth.

You can use professional tools. For example, a comb with a razor, if you decide to cut yourself.

Massage brushes allow you to kill two birds with one stone: comb your hair and massage your scalp well, improving the blood supply to hair follicles and thereby stimulating hair growth. Choose brushes with a stiff long bristle - they are less soiled.
  • A round solid comb with bristles is an ideal tool for twisting the ends of hair.
  • For styling use a flat brush with soft teeth: it less confuses hair.
  • For styling wavy hair, a round hollow comb is suitable.
  • Combed hair is brushed with a soft brush, and hard - with brushes with well-fixed teeth.
Massage brushes are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials; they may have wooden teeth, as well as bristles of horsehair. Ebonite brushes have antistatic effect.

It should be recalled that the comb is an item of personal hygiene. It is not recommended to transfer it to anyone else. And of course, it must always be immaculately clean. Wash combs, combs and brushes in hot soapy water. To clean the comb and brushes, you can use a 10% solution of ammonia.

Having bought a new comb, disinfect it. As a disinfectant, cologne will do.

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