How to care for hair in winter?

The winter is a real test for beauty and volume of our hair: the cold outside, the heat in the room, minimal selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits. And as a result, 75% of women say that at the end of the day their hair look not as good as in the morning.

Real salvation can be updated line of products Aqua Light from Pantene Pro-V. Specially designed for easy feed hair throughout the day and regardless of season, suitable even for fine hair and gives them 100% power, 0% weighting, 24 hours a day. 

Every woman wants at any time of day and whatever time of the year to please others hair. However, with the advent of winter a real challenge, even for healthy hair, becomes an additional stress due to extreme temperatures, dry air in offices and homes, lack of vitamins. But all these problems melt away when it takes a Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light! The main thing – to know 2 basic principle of light volume and beauty of hair. 
  • Principle one: buying agents for hair care, you need to focus not on price, beauty packaging and rave reviews passing shoppers, but the needs of your hair. They should be beautiful, healthy and voluminous, and nothing should weight them. Especially for this was created Aqua Light from Pantene Pro-V! Since 2010, this series quickly gained popularity and love of Ukrainian women and women all over the world and became No. 1 among the lines of Pantene Pro-V. Today updated its formula intensely nourishes and moisturizes all hair types, even the most subtle – they look beautiful and voluminous all day.
  • The second principle: the hair care should be approached comprehensively and, therefore, a simple shampoo is not enough! Cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and protection are the essential 4 steps in the way to beauty hair. And that's why in addition to the usual shampoo and balm-conditioner Aqua Light Pantene Pro-V introduced a full line of products. Among them well-known and already updated the mask of the "Effortless meals in 2 minutes" gives fine hair strength, without weighing it down, and easy two-phase nourishing spray that gives light to nourish and protect the hair from damage by styling without weighting. 

Pantene Pro-V has also introduced new products for better protection and volume to thin hair: 

• Spray gel "manageable". Lightweight formula with active volumizing polymers lifts hair at the roots, gives volume and shape, providing excellent fixation.

• Light mousse-care for 24 hours strengthens and protects fine hair from damage caused by styling without weighting for the whole day. Light airy mousse formula helps strengthen thin hair, adding Shine and without weighing it down.

Aqua Light from Pantene Pro-V is the 7 years of research, cooperation with the international expert in the development of tools for hydrating the hair Professor Aramaki from the University of Yokohama (Japan) and a sincere desire to help women at any time of the day to look and feel at 100. It is for this and created a new line of Aqua Light from Pantene Pro-V 100% power, 0% weighting, 24 hours a day.

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