How to care for hair in winter to make them look luxuriously

Winter is the toughest time of the year for hair. So, in the winter they have to endure all possible inconveniences in one short moment. How to care for hair in winter, versed edition Hacia 

Winter full of trouble for the hair. Wind, cold, dry air, and the constant change of cold and warm temperatures are just a small list of things that you have to experience hair in the cold season. Plus, the constant lack of vitamins, because the winter diet differs in the absence of an abundance of vegetables and fruits. 

To alleviate the plight of hair for them to properly care for, and take vitamins


Speaking in General, winter hair care must have all the same shampoo, conditioner, and mask, and, if necessary, leave the funds. The only difference is that in the winter care cleanser should be as mild and body — the most nutritious

The right shampoo for winter

The main function of a winter shampoo — not just clean, but clean gently, respecting the scalp. The fact is that dandruff is most often observed in winter, when the interior it is possible to observe dry air, and on his head most of the time is cap. Any aggressive means will only aggravate the problem.

Experts advise to choose a winter shampoo labeled "nutritious" or "for dry hair". This will provide them with gentle care. It is best if the shampoo is not SLS or SLeS.

The correct balm

Should I use a hair conditioner? Of course, you need. Especially in the winter. It is the balm is a tool in the winter maintenance, which will remove the static, moisturizes and gives hair Shine. Choose nourishing or moisturizing balms, depending on their own preferences. Don't put it on the roots, and hold for the length of a little more than usual.

Nourishing mask

Another mandatory attribute is the winter care nourishing mask. It restores hair, gives them Shine and nourish them with useful substances. In winter, the mask can be applied 2 times per week if you have normal to dry hair, as well as 1 time, if you suffer fat. As in the case with the conditioner, mask no need to strike at the roots, and soak time do at least 10 minutes. 


Winter — not a reason to forget about the masks of the oil, however, should choose more fat and saturated oil. If the summer to perfect hair olive oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil in the winter go on a little Shea butter, avocado and wheat germ oil. To the masks was not a reverse effect, wrap your head in cling film, a little warm up, and top wear a towel. 

In winter, try as little as possible to dry your hair and do hot styling.

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