How to care for colored hair

Colored hair is a trend of the last several seasons. Blue, orange, pink and green: not the only colors found on the heads of modern fashionistas. However, the colors of the rainbow requires thoughtful care. How to care for colored hair, read our material.

The main problem with colored hair – quick color wash-out. At first it just loses brightness, and then gradually begins to fade. In addition, the bright dyes often dry up hair. To avoid these problems, follow these tips.

Use shampoos without SLS and SLeS

The color is not so much washed out of your hair avoid shampoos with SLS and SLeS in the composition. Choose a shampoo with the mildest Surfactants. They are not as aggressive wash your hair and color will take longer to persist.

Do not use oils

Choosing masks and hair conditioners, ensure that their composition was not oils. Oil, though, and perfectly pliable, quickly wash the paint. Discard oil masks, and carefully read the composition of the industrial.

Renew the color

Once a week add some of the dye in the conventional hair mask. Apply, soak 10 minutes and rinse. This will help refresh the color.

Make laminating

Laminating is an excellent treatment for protecting hair and color. So, it will protect the hair from the external environment, hard water, heat styling and create a look of healthy hair. Paint on laminated hair lasts longer. Is make a foil immediately after application.


Don't forget to regularly moisturize the hair. In summer time ideal for You will be the moisturizing line of hair. Be sure to do moisturizing mask, and, of course, drink plenty of fluids. It is noteworthy that moisturizer is very rarely used oil, which is very important.

Use protection from the sun

The hair remained bright, always protect them from sunlight. A great option for this – sprays with SPF.

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