Healing the hair with massage

Massaging your head, you strengthen supply hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen. This can help to make your hair perfect even without the use of cosmetic means.

Relax, close your eyes, stroke your scalp for about 2 minutes and do a gentle circular motion for about 5 minutes. If you suffer from severe hair loss, act as easy to finger movements resembled acupressure. It is possible to alternate techniques of stroking and pressure. Well don't forget to massage your forehead and neck at the nape.

The second stage is the use of a massage brush. Tilt your head back and comb the hair from the forehead to the back of the head 30-40 times. Then lower your head down and massage the skin in the opposite direction, from the occiput to the forehead, also 30-40 times. Too much pressure not worth it. If the scalp is moderately sensitive, brush you can do a circular massage movements. This method is convenient if you have short hair.

Regardless of the length of the hair, the best means of strengthening and Shine to the hair has long been considered an ordinary comb. The secret is to comb twice a day, morning and evening, making at least 100 combing movements.

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