Hair vitamins explained

What vitamins are needed for hair beauty. Vitamins is very important part of hair care, thanks to the vitamins hair grow, exude Shine and won't break. What vitamins should you be taking them for beauty, read in our material. The condition of the hair depends on three main factors: nutrition, care and correct coloring. When one of these factors is broken, the head turns a straw instead of a beautiful stacks of. Today we'll talk about what vitamins must be in your diet if you want to enjoy the reflection of his hair with the mirror. 


Vitamin a is responsible for the growth of hair and the fortress of his root. So, with the shortage of this vitamin in the body, the hair begins to fall out and stop growing. Or actually stop. So you need to build your diet so that the diet has always been foods rich in this vitamin. In particular, liver, fish, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, parsley. 

Vitamin a is fat-soluble, so in order to be absorbed, it needs the presence of fat in the body, and the presence of protein. Vitamin a tends to accumulate in the liver to replenish the body reserves during a period when it lacks food. 

If you don't like the products, you can safely take vitamin A capsules. Of particular relevance aware of that vitamins will be in the late fall and spring, when the body experiences a General deficiency. 


Vitamin E is responsible for hair Shine, and prevents breakage. If the hair is broken the most likely problem is a lack of vitamin E. And with long-term deficit, they will begin to fall out, because this vitamin is responsible for transporting nutrients from the blood to the hair roots.

Vitamin E found in vegetable oils, legumes, nuts, Brussels sprouts, rose hips, seeds of apples. 

In addition to good hair, eat foods containing vitamin E will have a positive effect on the skin, because it stops the free radicals that trigger the aging process. For hair this means that they start later the process loss associated with age-related changes.


B vitamins are very important for the hair, probably more than others. So, they are comprehensively responsible for the health of the hair. This includes the condition of the roots, and Shine, and breakage. If you want not to have problems with the hair, keep in your diet are vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12. Most representatives of this group of vitamin is found in cabbage and nuts. 

The first symptom of insufficient intake of b-vitamins is dull hair that is not removed with the help of caregivers. This is actually a problem for many residents of the metropolis, which is constantly busy and rarely when watching your diet. Also, the cause of vitamin deficiency often is stress.  Doctors advise to take b vitamins in facilities to protect your hair from falling out and dull looking. 


Vitamin PP, or nicotinic acid, is responsible for hair strength. In other words, when the lack of hair starting to fall out. Thanks to strengthen the property of his can be found in many hair products. There is even a mask against hair loss on the basis of vitamin e when it in its pure form is rubbed into the roots to stop the process of hair loss. 

Most vitamin PP is contained in buckwheat and wheat, root vegetables, zucchini and eggplant. 

When cooking, 35% of vitamin e goes into the water, so the doctors advise to use it for cooking sauces and other dishes to get all the nutrients from that particular product.

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