Hair perming methods and techniques

Methods of perming

There were times when the overwhelming number of women wore a perm, which received the name of permanent. At the present time, due to high achievements in fashion and new technologies and developments in the cosmetic industry, significant advancements in hairdressing art, and in particular haircut and styling, there are other ways of curling: vertical curling, long hair, double wrap, triple wrap, partial waving, perming on a pigtail ... 

Elegant curls do not go out of fashion. They decorate a woman, transform her face, soften his features, add romanticism, even some airiness to the whole appearance.

What is perm

Curly hair in cross section has the shape of an oval in contrast to a straight one, whose diameter is a circle. When the hair is exposed to the chemicals with which the curl is made, its structure changes, the protein fibers are damaged, the flakes unfold. In this state, the hair can be given any shape, which is realized when they are wound on bobbins of different configurations. To fix this form, a solution of hydrogen peroxide is used. Alkali is neutralized, the outer flakes of hair are closed, and they again become elastic. 

It is in proper fixation that the successful result lies. If the "chemistry" is poorly entrenched, the curl turns out to be fragile. It will be the same in the case when a strong composition is used and the aging time is increased. 
Correctly choose a means for your hair and accurately observe all conditions of its application. In general, the quality of the perm is determined by the individual structure of the hair. As a result of such an impact, they sometimes become weak, sensitive, and poorly shaped.
Now, besides alkaline, there are acidic and neutral preparations for a waving. Acidic formulations are like for all types of hair and provide the durability of curl, but not for such a long time as alkaline agents, and 2 times shorter. A strong destructive effect on the structure of the hair after applying acid formulations requires a mandatory recovery course.

Neutral perming composition also suitable for all types of hair. Its advantages are that it has a fairly gentle effect on the scalp and hair and is evenly distributed throughout the length of them regardless of the nature of the possible damage.

The latest achievement in the field of hairdressing art is the amino acid perm. It contains amino acids and proteins that penetrate the inside of the hair and help them to recover quickly.

However, all compositions for a curl contain an oxidizing agent - hydrogen peroxide, which does not reflect the hair structure in the best way. Therefore, frequent perm is not recommended, because as a result of constant exposure to chemicals, keratin is converted to metaeratin, reacting quite differently to a chemical solution: the subsequent wave is less attractive, the hair becomes stiff, looks damaged (in fact, they are).
It should be borne in mind that the chemical compounds for waving always brighten the hair for 1-2 tones.

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