Hair melling technology

Melling is done in two ways: with the use of foil or a special cap (in professional language it sounds like "foil melling", "cap melling").

Melling with foil is done on hair of any length. Technique in a short outline is as follows. Hair divides the zones, and in each zone - on strands. Strips of foil, taken for melirovaniya, should be longer than strands of hair for 2-3 cm. Each strip of foil at the edge is bent so that the liquid does not flow to the hair.

On the sides, the foil is also bent, and in the center of it a strand of hair is laid. Brightening liquid is applied to a sheet of foil and placed under a strand near the base of the foil. Prjadku put on a foil and put on it structure. The foil is folded in half or the strand is covered with another strip of foil. Stepping back 2 cm up, the same thing is repeated with the other strand. After the expiration of the staining time, each strand is unfolded and washed on the foil starting from the nape of the neck.

Short hair and medium-length hair is stitched using a cap with holes. She is densely put on her head, after combing her hair. From the holes crocheted draw strands of hair and comb them. These strands are applied a lightening composition of a fairly thick consistency. After clarification, the composition is washed off, hair is washed with shampoo, balm is applied, and the cap is removed. Once again, all the hair is washed well.

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