Hair lamination explained

After the burning sun – laminate your hair!

Today store shelves are filled with variety of cosmetic products for hair care. Knowing how to use them correctly, you can get your hair in perfect condition and keep them healthy and beautiful. But sometimes, unfortunately, cosmetics is not enough that the hair has become your trump and admired. Then comes to the aid of the procedure of lamination, through which you become the owner of a chic hair style with shiny flowing locks, and, at least for a month forget about split ends and unruly curls. 

To many the word "lamination" it seems strange in combination with the hair. But in fact, the processes of lamination and hair, and, for example, documents are very similar. As laminated paper in order that it remains holistic and intact, and the hair with this treatment remain for a long time, healthy, silky and protected from external influences.

Lamination is the application on strands of a special composition, with the result that they formed breathable microfilm. Such hair increase in volume to 10-15%, becoming dazzling Shine and smoothness. If they have wavy and curly, laminating them is not smooth and will only give them a healthy look.

Finally to ensure that this procedure is indeed necessary for each woman, remember the structure of the hair. It is a trunk covered with scales. The new healthy hair that has not had time to test no damage, the scales are tight to the hair post, but soon under the influence of different factors they flake, and the hair becomes rough, dull, with split tip. Lamination also provides him cover the damaged surface, the film seals the tips, "sticks" scales back to the trunk and forms a new surface – more elastic, shiny and smooth.

This procedure hair does not harm, so repeat as much as necessary. The composition of the laminating mass part of protein and through his hair besides the fact that they look alive and shiny, be very flexible and resist to damage, scratching, exposure to sea salt, wind, frost. Film that covers the hair allows it to breathe at the same time, blocking the exit of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and moisture from hair structure.

Lamination can be done in several stages: it all depends on hair condition and desired result. The procedure is recommended after staining, because of the frequent shampooing first washed off the protective film and then paint. Protection lasts up to 6 weeks. All the while, she protects damaged hair, hide split ends and porosity. Strands better fit the Hairdryer, but look stunning even without stacking. As soon as they become faded, the procedure can be repeated.

Lamination may be transparent and colored. The composition which is applied to the hair, aged 20-25 minutes, then rinse. Colored laminating like ion staining. Hair has a positive charge and the pigment composition is negative, with the result that they are strongly attracted to each other due to this and ensures the durability of the coating. During the procedure, the hair takes so much makeup, as it should.

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