Hair coloring with glass

Cosmetic brands are constantly coming up with new staining technique, to ladies all over the world do not have time to get bored. How to dye hair with glass — read in our material. 

Every year more and more girls prefer different tints of a hue on my hair. I agree, the coloring is interesting, unusual and not boring in contrast to the solid colors. As practice shows, to create different transitions on hair prefer creative people who can't look the same for a long time. Because of this technology, various cosmetic brands continue to invent new technologies of dyeing. One goal is to make the transition as natural and smoother. Because the background using multiple colors, the effect on the hair should look natural. 


Various equipment coloring are different, but all the same one essence — to create a beautiful and smooth transitions from one hue to another. In fact, to create a perfect transition — a rather difficult task which requires great experience and skill of the master. That is why the beautiful coloring are usually obtained from expensive masters. 

In search of how to facilitate and improve the result of coloring, the American colorist of one of the brands of professional cosmetics Ciala Maruichi suggested hair community to try a new kind of hair coloring — using the glass. So, the hairdresser initially connects the various shades on the plate of Plexiglas and then apply it to the strand of hair. Thus it turns out very smooth and natural play (although if you want you can create different patterns of shades). Strokes, at the same time, made bold and slightly chaotic. This enables you to create a customized play for each client. 

The thing is that glass is a rigid structure, which is much easier to create the necessary modulations, than the hair or the foil. That is why, technology has all chances to become popular. Moreover, in order to perform it well, just enough to feel the finer shades, so as to create the drawing itself will not be easy. 

The new technique of staining Maruichi created, being inspired by an art technique called monotype. Using it, artists applied various paints on the glass, and then prints on paper or canvas. 


To dye hair of women and men were more than three thousand years ago. So, in the beginning this procedure was done to indicate the status. In particular, in Ancient Egypt the highest-status considered dark brown and black hair. 

But in Ancient Rome was actual bright, Golden hues. In particular, when they shimmer. It was at that time began to form the mixture to lighten and the first attempts to create a glare on the hair. Special passion for blond hair and creating different shades on them, the Romans felt after Rome began to drive the German slaves with blond hair, which due to the southern sun quickly burnt out, creating beautiful transitions. In those days, in lightening mixture used lime, talc and beech ash.

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