Hair coloring: myths and rules

In the hair salon, you will paint professionally, which means quickly and efficiently. Anyway, each of us thinks so, going to the hairdresser. In the end, it happens that though everything was at the highest level, hair dyed unevenly or in the wrong color. Who is to blame?

First and foremost, is to understand why it happened. Many argue that the ban on painting during the critical days is a myth. And, indeed, there is no scientific evidence that these two issues are connected. However, the hair of many women stubbornly painted in this period, or worse – acquire the painting completely different tone. It happens that the roots of the hair turn yellow, and the hair – color of paint purchased. So it is better not to experiment.

However, an unexpected color surprise can be unrelated to menstruation. If you have at least prophylactically used henna to nourish hair, be prepared that the factory paint or not take at all or will turn into a quite mysterious color. Henna eats into the hair structure and, entering into a chemical reaction with other dyes, contributes to these miraculous transformations. After using it we have to wait with staining at least a month.

But the confidence that the paint must be mixed until it will acquire stated on the tube colour – the myth of clean water. On the contrary! Chemical processes begin immediately after mixing, so that the longer waiting for the paint application to the hair, the dimmer will turn the final color. 

  • The number one rule for hair coloring is to begin immediately after mixing the dye with the oxidant.
  • Another important rule: a ban on the use of metallic objects when painting. When interacting with the paint, they form harmful for the hair connection. All dishes must be ceramic, plastic or wood.
  • Before dying the head do not need to wash to protect your hair from toxic components contained in the paint. A coloring composition is applied to a dry head.
  • There is another unverified fact on the subject of dyeing hair, which dye is better taken if the process is to drink a glass of wine or cognac. Of course, an aperitif is offered to someone that will be colored, not the one who acts as a hairdresser.

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