Hair color recommendations

We have already discussed the types of women that are distinguished by the analogy with the seasons: the woman-spring, the woman-autumn, etc. As for the choice of the hue of the hair when staining, the experts give the following advice.

Woman of Spring type is beautiful with light or brown hair, and women of this type can paint them in golden tones. Toning is also recommended. It is undesirable to discolour hair or to be painted in ashy color. Do not go to gray and other sorts of exotic paints. But with natural gray hair, which women of this type go to, they can dye their hair in with a chestnut, golden brown.

A woman of Summer type is usually a blonde with gray hair going to brunette. With light hair, light discoloration is recommended. Also good are soft ashy tones. Golden, honey, reddish, linen shades should be avoided. Brunettes of this type are not advised by specialists to repaint their hair in a different color. There are women of summer type with a rusty hue of hair. It is better to use slightly lightening shampoos.

The color of the woman's hair corresponds to this time of the year - all shades of red. But if by nature it is rather light, then toning in golden shades will do. Avoid light ash colors and partial discoloration.

Natural dark brown and black hair color of a woman of the Winter type go to her. It is recommended to use black henna. Its better to say "no" to discoloration, staining of hair in red tones. Do not use lightening or tonifying means. Hair of women of winter type begin to turn gray early, and often gray hair adorns them. If gray does not go, you can stop the coloring of hair in ash-brown tones.

Brown eyes harmonize with honey-colored hair and warm light tones. Blue, green, gray eyes - with ashy or cream-colored hair. Ashen or cream colors neutralize the reddish shade of the skin. If the complexion is dull, choose deep red shades or the color of red wine for the hair. Avoid yellow, golden and red tones.

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