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When caring for hair, the very process of combing hair, the right choice of comb, becomes very important. Some believe that there is no point in giving the choice of a comb a special meaning. But in fact, this is the greatest error. It turns out that the hair is affected by many factors. And not the last of these factors - the process of combing and everything that is associated with it.

Hair does not tolerate negligence towards yourself, so comb them carefully and carefully. You can not hurry to conduct a comb on tangled strands, this will inevitably lead to damage to the hair. If you have short hair, comb them smoothly and leisurely movements, gradually moving from the back of the head to the ends of the hair. If the hair is tangled, carefully separate them from each other, and then comb each strand separately. If the hair is long, combing them start from the very tips, gradually rising higher and higher, and only after that go to combing at the crown.

If you used a lacquer, gel or mousse to fix a hair style, comb your hair even more carefully.

If you try to comb your hair with sharp movements, you will inevitably pull out a few strands. So be especially careful. If your hair is very strong fixative, it is best to wash it with water and shampoo, dry hair and then start combing. It is believed that the hair can not be combed, if at the moment you are something worried or alarmed. Because in this case your hands will produce sharp, jerky movements - and you can easily damage your hair, for example, pull entire bunches.

Comb in the moment when you have an even, calm state. Then combing will bring you significant benefits. In general, combing hair is necessary from the point of view of both aesthetics and health. The question of aesthetics is clear to everyone - uncombed hair looks untidy and ugly. In addition, from tangled hair it is impossible to build a normal hairstyle. But combing the hair brings them health. In fact at this moment you thereby make a massage of a scalp. For a long time, women know a little secret that allows hair to look especially good.

To do this, before going to bed, comb your hair at least 100 times in different directions. Such a measure leads to the fact that the fat secreted by the sebaceous glands spreads evenly over the entire length of the hair, and they acquire shine, flexibility, beautiful and healthy appearance. In addition, from the hair are removed the smallest particles of dirt that interfere with their normal functioning. Such actions lead to the fact that the excess of sebum is removed, due to which the access to oxygen improves, the circulation is stimulated, which most favorably affects the growth of hair. Many people have a quite natural question: how often do you need to comb your hair?

It used to be that it is required to do this as often as possible, several times a day. But in fact, such a measure will lead to the fact that the activity of the sebaceous glands will increase - and the hair will get dirty much faster. And if before the women combed their hair at least 100 times before going to bed, then in our time it is not necessary to do so. The reason is very simple: modern women are much more likely to wash their heads than their predecessors.

Therefore, there is no need for long combing, many problems are solved by the right choice of detergents. And still, do not neglect the comb, it's as important to your hair as your grandmothers and great-grandmothers needed. Short hair is not recommended to comb often, because in this case, the skin fat quickly spreads over the entire surface of the hair, and, since the length of the hair is negligible, they will become untidy. Short hair comb as necessary, but no more than 3-4 times during the day. Long hair should be combed at least 2 times a day: in the morning, immediately after awakening - overnight, the hair is tangled, they must be put in order - and in the evening, to remove the dust and contaminants that get into them during the day. If the hair is thin and brittle, comb them carefully, because it is easy to damage them. Do not scratch your wet hair.

The fact is that they consist of the smallest keratin scales, tightly closed with each other. After washing under the influence of water and detergents, the keratin scales no longer fit so tightly together, so the hair becomes brittle. After washing, first dry them, then the keratin scales will return to their place. Dry hair should be combed more often than fatty hair. In this case, skin fat, distributed throughout the surface of the hair, will bring great benefit - dry hair will be moisturized naturally. Therefore, dry hair can be combed without fear of rapid contamination. But there is another danger: they are usually quite brittle, and when combed, it is much easier to damage them than other types of hair. So act very carefully, so as not to cause your hair damage.

When combing oily hair also has its secrets. For example, on the teeth of a brush string the cotton wool soaked with lotion. And excess fat will remain on cotton wool, and hair will look more clean and tidy for a longer time. For a long time there is a belief that you can not comb your hair in the wind - this leads to a headache. Such a view can not be regarded as unjustified. In fact, combing your hair is a certain vibration that affects the body as a whole.

And perhaps combing the hair in the wind leads just to the negative effects of certain vibrations on the human body, which leads to a headache. It is very important to choose the right comb. The material from which it is made, and the shape itself, affect not only the quality of the hairstyle, but also the health of the hair and scalp. So, let's talk about the various combs that exist in the world. Plastic combs are very common. They are usually inexpensive, so many consider them the best option. Plastic teeth well comb the hair strands, because the smooth structure does not split the keratin scales. But the plastic comb has a very significant drawback: its use leads to the appearance of a static charge.

Such an effect does not allow you to lay your hair the way your owner wants it, and sometimes it is a very annoying nuisance that you want to avoid. Hairbrushes with iron teeth are used for very thick hair. Indeed, such combs can very quickly and easily untangle even the heaviest hair. But there is a significant drawback: iron teeth do not have the best effect on the scalp. Sometimes after them, irritation develops on the skin. Accordingly, it can lead to hair loss. In addition, iron combs split hair, there are split ends that have to be sheared. Frequent use of iron combs weakens the hair; therefore, if you prefer just such, arrange hair respite, using periodically combs made of wood or plastic. Wooden combs are not only convenient, but also very useful for hair and scalp.

Wooden teeth carefully handle their task, they comb their hair without damaging them. They make such combs from various types of wood, for example, from birch, mahogany, oak, walnut, boxwood. Combs from the nut are particularly strong. The use of wooden combs is also in the fact that they completely remove the effect of static electricity, so the hair after combing will lie exactly - as you yourself put them. Wooden teeth have a beneficial effect on the scalp. When combing, massage takes place, air access to the roots of the hair improves. Wooden combs can remove headaches, especially for combs made of walnut and oak. In addition to the combs proper, there are special combs, the purpose of which is not only to play the role of a comb when necessary, but also to keep a hair style. For this, the crests are specially fixed in the hair. The crests can be very different both in shape and material.

Wooden combs have a number of positive qualities. Above are described the properties that distinguish the wooden comb. The ridges have an additional advantage: they interact with the hair compared to the comb for a long time. Sometimes a woman has to walk around with her hair all day, which means that the comb interacts with the hair all day long. It removes the negative energy that inevitably affects a person during the day. It does not burn under the scorching rays of the sun, which means it does not cause any inconvenience. In addition, the wooden scallop is very light, it practically does not feel on the head and does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Iron combs are very durable and hold a good hairstyle. Sometimes there are very beautiful specimens that very effectively decorate the women's hair, but, unfortunately, if they are in the hair all day long, often lead to the splitting of hair. In addition, they are heavy, which means that hair can begin to fall out precisely from the severity that is in them. Iron combs, a long time holding a hair, can lead to a headache. They are heated in the sun and become a source of heat stroke. Therefore, iron scallops and hairpins are best used for styling hair for a very short time. Plastic scallops do not have such harmful effects on the hair. But prolonged contact with the scalp can lead to irritation on the skin, especially if the person is allergic to plastic. The crests are made from the bones of animals, as well as from the tortoise shell. These are very beautiful and expensive products.

There are also special hair brushes. Their handles are made of wood or plastic, on which natural bristles are fixed. Such brushes are very useful for hair. Natural bristle combs all the dirt from the hair, massages the scalp, gives the hair smoothness and shine, as the most uniformly distributed skin fat. Thanks to this, they start to shine, become flexible and beautiful. Of great importance is the shape of the comb. If the hair is thick, it is better to use a comb with rarer teeth, so as not to damage the hair inadvertently.

If the hair is thin, you should prefer a comb with frequent teeth. It will help to give the hair splendor. There are round combs with sparse teeth. They are designed to lay wavy thick hair. Thanks to the effect of such a comb, they will look the best way. To create high hairstyles, combs with very rare teeth are used. They will help to comb the hair up, create a feeling of hair density for their subsequent laying.

There are special comb-nozzles for the hair dryer, which at the same time comb and curl the hair. After this laying, you get a ready hairstyle. So, in this chapter, we talked a little about combing the hair, about different kinds of combs. You are free to choose what is best to use. But do not forget that your choice will depend not only on the beauty of the hair and hair, but also on their health. It is much more reasonable to take preventive measures in time, than to treat weakened and split hair afterwards. All in your hands, our task was only to give you more detailed information on this issue of interest to many women.

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