Everything you need to know about ultrasonic hair restoration

When the hair is dry and lifeless, and the hair is like the mane of a dying lion, then you will not shampoo from advertising on television, and ultrasonic hair repair.

Ultrasonic hair restoration is a relatively new salon treatment for hair care. The end result is very similar to bored us lamination of hair or hair kartirovanie. However, in contrast to these two procedures, ultrasonic hair restoration does not seal already damaged hair, and solves the problem.

It is important to understand that to resort to this procedure is better in the case when you have very dry hair, blank, and split ends can cut cheese.

What is an ultrasonic hair restoration?

The procedure is a process where molecules of liquid and gel cosmetics penetrate into the hair structure using ultrasound and infrared waves. Later they turn into steam and already penetrate into a hair follicle.

For ultrasonic hair restoration uses a mix of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides and minerals that get the hair with the help of special new-fangled technology.


Itself procedure resembles the process of styling wet hair using a flat iron. However, in fact everything is much deeper and more complex. It consists of several stages:
  1. Hair should be cleaned using a deep exfoliating shampoo for hair.
  2. After the strands along the entire length needs to apply a useful cocktail of hyaluronic acid, peptides, useful protein, oils and minerals. Each cocktail is chosen individually.
  3. Hair treated with the help of ultrasonic hair straightener.
  4. Dries hair and makes styling easier.
Ultrasonic hair restoration allows in a short time to make your hair more healthy and shiny.

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