Effective way to get rid of spot baldness

Rubbing the patches of baldness with a towel A hair follicle can be awakened to life by a simple procedure - rubbing the areas with thinning hair with a terry towel. From friction, blood flows to the roots of the hair, increased circulation stimulates their growth. This procedure should be regular. Do not apply the towel too quickly and without excessive force. Rinse continue until the redness of the scalp, the appearance of a sensation of itching and tingling.

With narrowed blood vessels, the procedure for rubbing with a towel should be given from 2 to 5 minutes.

Rubbing also stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands, hair becomes shiny and elastic. It helps the effective removal of dead cells, in the place of which new ones appear faster. So hair loss during this procedure is normal. It is best to rub your head after bathing.

Such treatment is a long process. It will be 3-4 months before the result appears.

Hair Transplantation 

Alopecia is treated with a hair transplant, transferring the hair follicles from healthy areas to the sites of alopecia. Preliminary, of course, a survey is conducted. The safety of hair roots, the structure of the hairline, and the general condition of the body are studied.

The transplantation is indicated for thermal and chemical burns not exceeding 10 cm in diameter. In the case of radiation exposure, the operation is not performed: unhealthy follicles will not survive. When nesting the same baldness, you should not contact doctors about transplantation, if only because in such a situation conservative treatment that first of all eliminates the cause of the disease is quite helpful. For example, normal functioning of the nervous system is restored.

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