Drying hair in a healthy way

What you need to know about hair dryer

Fen was often used in our time, characterized by a constant rush and a lot of busy modern women. And men often resort to this quick way of drying their hair. Having conceived to buy a hair dryer, carefully read the technical indicators of different models, capacity, additional functions. All detailed information should be contained in the instructions to the device.

The recommended power of a hair dryer for drying long hair is 1600 watts. For a short haircut, enough power of 400 watts. Well, if the hair dryer has several modes of operation - cold, warm, hot.

Special fittings are available for the fen. For example, a diffuser. They are good at putting curly hair or hair with a chemical wave. But it is not suitable for straight hair, because, lifting them at the roots, just give them a disheveled look.

For medium length hair, as well as short haircut, you can buy a cheaper option - a hair dryer brush with a power of 140-200 watts.
Dry hair with a hair dryer in the direction opposite to your usual styling.
When directing a hot stream of air, keep the hair dryer at a sufficient distance from the head.

Women with a haircut can use hairdryers with brush attachments and combs that process the ends of the strands. To achieve the volume of the hair, a large round nozzle is required. All kinds of brushes - flat, ribbed, round - are also used for blowing.

Masters recommend having two hairdryers: one in the form of a pistol, and the other in the form of a tube with round nozzles to create separate styling details.

Of course, it's better to do without a hairdryer, which we have already stated many times. In this case, adhere to the following rules.
  • Dry hair with a pre-heated towel.
  • At a cold temperature in the house and natural drying, it is recommended to wrap a warm towel over your head.
  • Never dry hair over a gas stove.
However, the hair dryer should still be purchased for cases where it will be necessary to dry and quickly put the hair down.

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