Diet for healthy hair

Improper nutrition, lack of vitamins is one of the causes of hair loss, which is the scientific name of alopecia.

Beautiful, healthy hair requires food rich in sulfur, iron, silicates. The named elements are in radish, garlic, sorrel, horseradish and cereal products. It is recommended to eat 1/2 cup of sprouted wheat for breakfast, peeled wheat for the night is poured with water and left in the warmth. To make it more tasty, you can fill it with a small amount of honey. You can mix wheat grains with fruit juice, milk.

Fruits contain a large amount of vitamins necessary for hair nutrition. B group vitamins, which are especially needed for hair, are found in meat, beans, yeast, fish, soy, rice, various herbs, vegetables. Sour milk is beneficial for hair health, as it stimulates the formation of B vitamins.

Silicon is found in toasted bread, oatmeal. Iodine, which enhances hair growth and contributes to the preservation of their color, contains sea kale, sea fish, beluga fat. Beets, tomatoes, potatoes also contain vitamins necessary for hair. Eat liver, spinach and other vegetables.

The lack of these vitamins leads to hair loss.

An important role in the way your hair looks is played by food. That they shone with health, always were beautiful, eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible, especially in autumn, when nature generously presents us with its riches. Eat walnuts, spinach, parsley, rich in magnesium; mushrooms, beans, peas, seeds containing magnesium; corn, garlic, enriched with selenium. All these trace elements are extremely useful and significantly affect the condition of the hair.

Especially the structure and appearance of the hair will improve, if every day in the morning and in the evening you drink 1 st. l. corn, olive or any other vegetable oil.

It is useful to drink an infusion of oat flakes "Hercules", prepared according to the "Danish" recipe: 1 cup of flakes to insist on 1 liter of water during the night. In the morning strain, squeeze, drink during the day. Include vitamins in your diet.

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