Danger of parabens

If 10 years ago to the question: "What are parabens?" could be answered only by chemists, is now the answer to this question everyone knows. The reason for the increased interest of consumers relating to these components have become sensational allegations that they can cause cancer. Let's see how dangerous parabens in cosmetics and whether to use "paraben-free". Parabens are chemicals used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries as preservatives. These components retain the products during the period of her life, and also protect from breeding in it of bacteria and fungi. Can live cosmetics without using preservatives? Yes. But only three days in the refrigerator.

A bit of history of parabens

Of parabens began to speak in 2004, when British microbiologist Philip Darbre published an article that suggested about the relationship of parabens and breast cancer. Interestingly, since that time no study had confirmed the assumption Darbre. Moreover, the European scientific Committee on consumer safety (SS) in 2011 gave the opinion on the safety of parabens, which States that these substances do not affect the formation of malignant tumors and can be used in cosmetics in small doses (0.16 percent).

Parabens are also allowed for use in the United States and Japan. 

Myths about parabens 

  1. Parabens in its effects on the body similar to estrogens.
  2. Scientists have proven that parabens can become imitators of estrogen only when ingested along with food, and then not always. When used in cosmetics, they do not carry this risk.
  3. Parabens intensify the negative influence of the sun. If you stay in the sun less than 12 hours in a row, parabens does not reinforce its negative impact. Agree, few 12 hours without a break spends in the sun.
  4. Parabens from cosmetics penetrate into the body. It is proved that parabens do not penetrate deeper than the epidermis. Moreover, they evaporate from the skin surface for 12 hours.

The real dangers of parabens

The harm that can cause parabens Allergy and irritation of the skin hypersensitive. Very often, this Allergy is called allergic to cosmetics. In this case, it is necessary to use only natural remedies – oils, floral waters, clays, various types of mud.


If You are allergic to parabens – select cosmetics, depending on its effectiveness, not the presence of these components.

Interesting: parabens are used in food preservation for over 100 years. But in nature they can be found in cranberries and blueberries.

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