How to prepare hair for curly perm

Before the procedure of perming, the hair should be washed. Dirt and fat prevent the penetration of chemicals into the hair shafts. If you do the perm at home on your own, at home, you can use for washing a bar of lye soap: the alkali that are inside it, loosens the outer layer of hair. 

Wash your hair without any rubbing and apply lye soap only once. Natural grease must stay on the scalp, it protects hair from strong exposure to alkalis and acids. After washing, pat the hair with a towel and gently comb it, using a comb with rare teeth.

Weak hair is washed 2-3 days before curling - they need to obtain natural fatty grease. For some types of perm, hair length and the way they are cut is important. 

For example, for a horizontal wave, it is required that the hair be trimmed with a smooth transition from sections with long hair to those where the hair is short. So it is more convenient to make a twist on the bobbin, and with hair of different lengths it is impossible to do it qualitatively.

For long hair a haircut with a thinning ends is effective for perming. In this case, the hair should be somewhat longer than the desired length, because the curly perm will shorten them. 
After waving the hair cut the dried ends off.
Before the curly perm it is necessary to check the condition of the skin on the head: it should not have abrasions, pimples, scratching, cuts, manifestations of various infectious diseases. It is necessary to test the composition prepared for a wave, for a possible allergy: it should be applied to the skin behind the auricle with a cotton swab. 

By reaction, which will appear in 10-15 minutes, it becomes clear if it suits you. On the skin, redness and swelling may appear - signs of an allergy to the chemical composition. In this case case, perm composition can not be used.

It is also necessary to take into account the condition of the hair. Strongly discolored, dry, brittle can not be curled. To test you need to apply a wax solution and hold it for 10 minutes. Then the hair needs to be checked for strength. If they are torn, we must refuse the wave. If the hair reacted slightly, but still somehow changed, the composition is diluted in a ratio of 1:1.

It is widely believed that hair, painted with henna, must not be exposed to a chemical wave. This is not so, just in this case, it is necessary to pre-treat hair to remove henna: they are applied for 10-15 minutes with a fixation solution (as you remember, there is hydrogen peroxide in it), then it is washed off.

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