Conditioners and balsams


These are hair care products, the purpose of which is to moisturize, give shine, volume, elasticity, restore the destroyed structure.

The conditioners include components that perform not only cosmetic, but also recovery functions. Often conditioners are added to shampoos. However, it is more efficient to use the air conditioner as an independent "tool".

Apply these components after the hair has been washed with shampoo. On normal hair conditioner should be kept for about 1 minute, on dry and brittle hair - 4-5 minutes.

Conditioners in the form of a spray contain amodimethicone, a substance that imparts a thick, fluffy, volume to any type of hair.

Some air conditioners have a green soy extract and vegetable proteins. Such ingredients have a beneficial effect on hair, restoring their natural color and health.

Developed air conditioners, which do not need to be washed off. They are used as a protective agent against any destructive effect, and also for persistent preservation of color. Such conditioners are rubbed into the hair after washing the head with shampoo and rinsing with a conventional conditioner and just let it dry.

For normal hair, use gel-like conditioners, and for curly or curled hair, as well as dry, brittle, choose liquid.


Balsams are similar in many respects to conditioners, but they are creamy compounds. The term "balm" generally means "a healing agent". Used balm to restore the damaged outer layer of hair. It fills the damaged places in the hair shaft, replacing the missing scales, and also feeds the hair follicles with the necessary substances that promote growth.

Apply balms to the hair that has not dried after washing, leave it for 5-10 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. It is best to buy balms in a separate bottle, not "2 in 1" with shampoo.

Rinse aid balms

The very name speaks of the function of these means: they are called to rinse hair. Thanks to the balm rinse, the hair becomes soft and docile, simplifying the styling. In addition, rinsers have a curative, restoring effect on the scalp, since they contain vitamins B5 and B3 that nourish and heal the hair. The effect is due to the fact that these vitamins penetrate the interior of the hair, accumulate and increase the amount of moisture. Balm rinse with vitamin E eliminates the fragility of hair, prevents the process of their aging. Some manufacturers offer silvery toner rinse. They help to put in order the sun-damaged hair.

Rinsers make it easy to comb the hair while covering the hair with a protective film. Before applying balm rinse, it is recommended to comb your hair well. It is important to note that such means are simply necessary for people with curly hair.

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