Coloring hair with henna, natural organic recipe

Henna is made from dried leaves of the bush of laurel, which grows in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and other countries. The henna powder has a yellowish-green or yellowish-red color. Henna belongs to the group of acid dyes and, if improperly stored, can oxidize in the package, which will weaken its coloring properties. 

This organic dye contains tannic acid, tannin, sugar, tar, fats, which most favorably act on the hair, feeding them. It should also be noted that henna does not penetrate the inside of the hair, but only envelops it from the outside. Henna hair color lasts for 2 months. Healthy and generally beneficial effect gives the use of henna with thin, soft, emaciated hair.

When staining with henna, the hair becomes red or reddish-brown. But you can achieve other shades - from carrot to copper. It is better to take fresh henna powder, it works more efficiently. So, light hair is more quickly painted and turns out to be brighter in color. Only 2-3 minutes with a wrapped head - and blonde hair acquire a golden hue. Five minutes of exposure to henna is enough to make them light-red.

Henna for coloring hair at home

  • Dark-blond hair will turn into bright reddish for 8-10 minutes.
  • A dark-red tint will acquire the hair of a light brown-haired woman for 10-15 minutes of exposure to henna.
  • The brown-haired will receive a light chestnut hair color within 15-25 minutes of staining.
  • The hair of a dark brown-haired woman will become dark chestnut if you keep henna for 30-40 minutes.
  • A juicy bright color will be in light chestnut and dark chestnut hair when staining with henna for 25-30 minutes.
  • More natural tones are obtained by adding basma, walnut or chamomile to henna.
  • Henna can be mixed with kefir. Such a composition dyes the hair in a chestnut color and nourishes them.
It will take: 1-11 / 2 cup kefir, 1 pack of henna.

Stir kefir thoroughly with henna and apply with a brush to the hair. To tie a polyethylene kerchief and wrap your head. 
  • 1 hour later wash off the henna with warm water. To get a darker color, the composition should be kept on hair 1,5-2 hours.
For blondes there is colorless henna on sale.

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