Colored chalk for hair: how to use

A couple of years ago bright strands of green, yellow, red, or any other acidic shade looked too avant-garde and belonged strictly to youth style, but today it is common trend that try on even women over thirties.

First, this trend was picked up by Hollywood stars. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and many other celebrities, flaunted in public with bright locks, painted in an unusual color. To the masses with this trend came a little late, but we have a lot of examples and tools to implement in their lives.

Not so long ago, the brand L'oreal Professionnel presented their crayons Hair Chalk in the line of 8 shades.

The use of such crayons is very easy: you have to put the tool on the pad, which included using it to distribute the color on the desired strand, combing with a comb and let dry naturally. The schema below. Can dyeing any hair – dyed, undyed, bleached. 

The use of such crayons very much. For example, it is possible to dye only the bangs, the tips of the hair, one or more individual strands, etc.

If you are not yet ready to buy individual tools, for this painting will fit a regular pastel chalks for drawing.

There are oil and dry pastel. For hair coloring it is best to use it dry, as the oil crayons give bad pigment.

How to dye your hair with pastel chalk

  • Pastels are very crumbly and it crumbles, so before you start painting, protect clothing with a towel or wear an old t-shirt.
  • When painting dark hair slightly wet, and blonde hair, on the contrary, should be dry, as when wet the pastel pigment forms a light dye that can permanently stain blonde hair.
  • A strand before coloring must twist in the flagellum. Thus the hair will be stained evenly.
  • Washed out color when using any shampoo.
  • Do not use crayons too often, as they can overdry the hair. Be sure when washing off the paint, after shampoo apply on hair moisturizing mask or air conditioning.

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