Co-washing benefits

What is co-washing process? 

In English the co-washing literally means "washing with conditioner", that is, the so-called shampoo hair mask or balm-opolaskivateli. The procedure is to correct, using a special technique, friction, clean the scalp and hair from pollution. After several such procedures hair becomes shiny, manageable and well-groomed. For the first time began to use the co-washing process African women whose hair is naturally frizzy and fluffy. After use masks and conditioners as shampoo, women noted that their curls become less fluffy, dense, and laying the beginning to stay for a few days. In other words, if you are in the morning linger long at the mirror with comb in hand, not knowing what to do with a shock of greasy or the opposite – dry hair, and sticking out in different directions, then take the advice of those who are using balms and masks have avoided all those nasty problems. 

What to use for co-washing process? 

For hair washing you can use any masks, conditioners and balms. Be sure to look at the label, did not contain the silicone. If he has been on the staff without, as this substance is almost impossible to wash.The technique of co-washing process. First, comb your hair, rinse them with warm water, Pat dry. Then thickly apply on each strand means that you have decided to wash your hair, from roots to ends. Then try to lather the head, though not the fact that the balm or mask will foam. Do this very carefully for about 15 minutes, massaging the scalp and the strands RUB against each other. Periodically draw water into the palm and apply the hair to the best was the slide. Then warm water wash means – carefully apply each strand to avoid weighing it down. Blot the hair with a towel and dry them with cold air.

Who needs co-washing? 

Girls who have dry, thin, brittle hair and sensitive scalp. After applying various cosmetics to create volume, damaged hair would love a treatment. The owners of parched and burnt hair definitely need to go to co-washing process, to somehow to make your hair gentle means. Women who suffer from quickly contaminate curls need to regulate hydro-lipid balance in the shampooing conditioning will definitely help. And as mentioned above, holders of fluffy and unruly hair with co-washing process will get rid of the daily grueling pilings.

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