Brazilian hair straightening

Beauty literacy: Brazilian hair straightening

You are constantly troubled wavy, fluffy hair? You spend a lot of time courting them and boring daily styling? The solution to this problem lies in the Brazilian or, as it is called, keratin hair straightening, which not just makes the curls straight and smooth, but also enriches their protein substance keratin.

Experts advise to take advantage of this kind of rectification to the owners of weak hair whose hair is constantly exposed to staining, fading, impact dryers and office air conditioning. The more debilitated the hair is, the deeper they will penetrate the keratin and make strong and shiny.

Brazilian straightening is suitable for all types and shades of hair. It will make smooth even African braids, not to mention frizzy, wavy, curly, light or dark tresses.

What is the procedure keratin straightening? It reminds laminating, when applied to hair keratin structure, enveloping and filling the damaged areas of each hair. Then, half an hour later, hair straighten irons: blondes – heated to 180 °C and brunettes – to 230 °C. Under such high temperatures, the keratin seals the damaged areas and hair ends.

After the procedure, Brazilian straightening substance is retained on the hair for a very long time. The solutions used for straightening, washed out of the hair gradually until they will not stay the required number of keratin. To maintain the effect of luxurious curls, it is necessary to repeat the procedure after 3-5 months.

To beautiful hair remained that way as long as possible, you need to follow a few basic rules: three days after the procedure is not to wash my hair, the same not to wear the pins and points on the head and braid the hair; a week to avoid swimming in the sea, swimming pool and sauna; to dye the hair after 10 days, after rectification and only apply paint; the use of cosmetics for daily care of hair with the same keratin.

Brazilian straightening is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, in addition, it makes no sense to do the procedure before going to the sea, because salt water destroys the keratin.

Women's forums on the Internet you can find a lot of messages from disgruntled girls who say that from keratin straightening hair fall out. Experts claim that the right Brazilian straightening using quality rectifiers will improve the General condition and appearance of hair, in any case, without spoiling them.

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