Balm for dry hair

Our hair need constant care and attention. They are constantly subjected to negative influence of environment, suffer from hard water from the tap, constant washing and, of course, painting. It is therefore not surprising that every second girl has dry hair — dry ends or even the whole hair. But to fix it.

Do not assume that a hair mask, a variety of balms and other cosmetics that we offer the brands are just trying "to make money" or "whim of the white man". Of course, we ourselves are to blame that our hair and skin need constant moisture, but the appearance suffers. But there is nothing you can do.

Hair especially suffer after staining, when the active pigments completely change the structure of the hair. Care for their needs. But if you aspire to have long and healthy hair, it is simply necessary.

The fact that due to lack of vitamins (even if your hair never defiled staining), which affects almost all residents of large cities, the hair can become brittle and dry. Especially on the tips. To them simply "not getting" nutrients, causing split ends have ruthlessly cut off. 
Situation can be saved with special hair masks and other nourishing products. To their best effect, apply the tool and wrap the hair in foil or plastic wrap. The moisture is delayed and nutrients in larger quantities you will get in your hair.
To save your hair from dryness, you should follow some precautions. Especially in summer, when the sun is most active and heat can turn them into straw. 

If you color your hair, do it carefully. Should use a special oxidising agents, which soften the impact of hair; Refrain from irons and plates, especially in the summer. They, of course, as safe for hair, but to dry it up can; Pay attention to your diet. As we have said, the dryness of the hair may occur due to lack of vitamins, particularly vitamin A, the lack of which completely affects the condition of the hair, by the Way, the air conditioner in a room dries the air. If you are constantly under his influence (especially in summer), dry hair you just can't avoid. In the winter the same story, but with the heaters; it is Not necessary to wash your hair with hot water. It works like a Dementor from the "Harry Potter" for your hair, gradually taking them from moisture. Hair should be washed under warm, but not ice water; No standing long under the open sun the paint will fade and the hair become dry. Therefore, it is better not to ignore the hats — it is both useful and beautiful.

Every time you wash your hair, wash them with a decoction of herbs. For example, green tea, and mint saleeem — brew a Cup of this tea and mercilessly pour it into a basin of water. You can try different herbs to your taste and smell. These herbal ingredients will help keep moisture in your hair; Regular hair mask will not be superfluous. But using the same hair is not worth it. Choose 2 or 3 and their series, the hair was not used; Protects hair from aggressive environmental influences. Use leave-in sprays for hair (which should be applied on wet hair) or fluids. 

Also the problem can be remedied if you continuously nourish your hair — use a hair mask, coconut oil and other nourishing oils. But if your hair is prone to dryness, this product as a balm for dry hair and does not avoid. Apply conditioner to dry hair is to wet hair, hold for about 3 minutes and rinse with water. You will be pleasantly surprised by the softness of his hair.

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