Alopecia areata, a serious scalp and hair disease

Hair falls out, as already mentioned, for various reasons. Often the hair loss is temporary, and then the process of renewing the hair comes back to normal.

But excessive loss of hair in certain areas or throughout the scalp, baldness is a disease, designated in medicine by the term "alopecia". Alopecia occurs in both men and women and is due largely to heredity. Hair falls not only on the head, but also on the eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, in the armpits. In this case, a consultation of a doctor specializing in the treatment of hair and scalp diseases, a trichologist, is required. The corresponding section of medicine is called "trichology."

Alopecia trichologists are divided into congenital, temporary, symptomatic (accompanying other diseases). Unfortunately, if there is already scar formation with this pathology, treatment is unlikely to yield a positive result. After all, in this case, the hair follicles are destroyed, and there is simply no place for hair to grow. But if this phenomenon is not present, follicles continue to function and restoration is possible hair cover.

It is necessary to consult a doctor for women, whose hair on the head begins to thin out. Anxiety should cause the loss of 100-150 hair per day, in percentage terms - 20-30%. Medication can be caused by an immune or endocrine disease. "Grandma's" recipes are often no longer helpers, and complex treatment of the whole organism will be required.

Nesting baldness A common type of alopecia is nesting, or focal, baldness. Alopecia of this kind is susceptible both to children and adults, but mainly it is found in middle-aged people. Doctors have a clear explanation of the cause of nesting baldness, but they successfully treat.

The disease develops suddenly, although hair loss can occur gradually. On the head are formed individual hairless areas of small size (2-3 cm) - bald spots.

Usually in the first place they are visible on the back of the head and the head. The hair next to the bald spots is thin and weak, and the skin is shiny, fat, sometimes flabby and weak.

After 6-8 weeks, the bald spots begin to grow on the bald areas, which then becomes normal hair.

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