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Types of perms, rollers and bobbins

In general, the curling process consists of the following actions. Wrapping on bobbins (curlers) The hair is wound on bobbins - sticks 7-8 cm in length, made of wood or plastic, thin in the middle and widened at the ends. They come in different sizes, from 3 to 11 mm in diameter. Thin bobbins are taken for thin and short hair, which usually grow on the neck.
Thick bobbins use hair on the temples and at the top of the head.
Hair thick, strong, tough require large diameter bobbins, which they wind on thin strands. Thin hair as well, with thin strands, is wound on small bobbin. Moreover, thin hair is divided into strands in zigzag-like apertures in a staggered order.
Remember that you should carefully twist the ends of the strands, but they themselves on the bobbins are not tightly wound. It is necessary to take into account the direction of natural hair growth, they can break down at the root. The form of the haircut is emphasized by screwing the hair on different bobbins. Application …

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